Power and Motion Transmission Systems
Italian Association Transmission and Gears Parts Constructors

Founded on December 1971 under some of the most important sector’s companies initiative, ASSIOT, nowadays, has a hundred companies with about 14.000 employees and about 70% of the representativeness of the sector.
The Association coordinates, protects and promotes technical and economical interests of the Italian and foreign engineering industry and, in particular, it:
Comes together
to discuss matters of mutual interests with the associated Companies.

the associated Companies in Institutes, Institutions, national and international Organizations.

Studies and solves
technical, economical, legal and fiscal issues for the associated Companies.

the knowledge and the diffusion of the sector’s technics and products built from the associated Companies, doing also exhibitions and conferences in Italy and abroad.

technical and professional instruction by publishing manuals, managing educational courses and promoting the associated Companies in Universities and professional schools.

with the collection and the elaboration of the statistical data and sector’s economical informations.

every other assignment given by its own departments.

Sector’s pioneers founded ASSIOT more than forty years ago with clear ideas on the reasons why, but nowadays are they still valid? And for what and how must be ASSIOT interesting for the sector’s companies?

Why ASSIOT? – the answer can be defined in three words: ASSIOT to UNDERSTAND, SHARE and COMPETE.

UNDERSTAND: because the companies of the same sector uses their sources in order to solve mutual problems in pre-competitive area;

SHARE: because the networking is the hummus on which it grows and develops the competitivity of a sector;

COMPETE: because the Italian industry of Motion and Power Transmission Systems must be appreciated all over the world.

ASSIOT what? – if those are the reason why you have to enjoy Assiot, what are the activities that must be followed? Assiot only needs to concentrate on these three activities: to solve mutual problems, to promote networking and the values of Italian industry sector.

ASSIOT how? – through the Commissions and work groups’ activities and the proposal of learning processes and services, ASSIOT controls problems and opportunities proposed to the sector, spreads informations and culture and structures attempts of answer; it fosters networking among the associates the right collaboration’s climate; nationally and internationally, it promotes the specific characteristics of the sector to all of the stakeholders with every available resource: InMotion, TECO, powerandmotionworld.it, ecc…

But an association must be also convenient. It is enough to read from the end to the beginning the proposed scheme in order to understand the benefits of the whole sector and each company of it.

The associate report is based on free membership and it’s important the active participation to always be an essential and founding prerequisite.


ASSIOT wants to play the star role in the integration process of the “Italian industry of Mechatronics for Power and Motion transmission automation”. The purpose is to have the uniqueness in a 40 billion € sector of our Country.

Currently the sector is represented by 3 independent associations (ASSIOT, ASSOFLUID and ANIE Automation) which started a cooperation process with concrete results like InMotion, the magazine and Official Part of these three associations and TECO, the event for mechatronics and power transmission and automation.

For these reasons, and its important role in the Italian industry sector, we think that this strategic develop project by ASSIOT is very high and we hope that there will be the participation of all the protagonists for this Italian excellence.

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